We are professionals sepcialized in Industrial Automation and Control domain, having vast experience and expertise in SCADA, DCS, PLCs, Simulation in Industry & Energy and Inormatiom Technology domains. We develop niche products and applicationms for use in Industrial Automation Industry leveraging our domain expertise and latest developments in Information Technology.  Some of our current focus areas are:

  1. Augmented Reality,
  2. SCADA and Industrial Automation.
  3. Industrial Process Simulation
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The list is growing. We also offer our services for training, development and implementation of these products and applications for your projects. Some of our current products are:

  1. (updated 19.02.2019) AR-SCADA 1.3AR-SCADA version 1.3 Trial version is available for download and evaluation now (19-02-2019).This new version integrates directly with Ignition without requiring any other servers like nodeJS or Tomcat required in previous versions of AR-SCADA.

  1.  NJ-SCADANodeJS based SCADA integrating all following modules in one package. See demo.
  2. AR-SCADA – Augmented Reality interface for SCADA systems like Inductive Automation’s Ignition system. Please visit our web site www.arscada.com for more details of this product.
  3. RM-SCADA – Remote Monitoring SCADA This module allows you to monitor any SCADA system like Ignition’s parameters any where using the Internet, on any device supporting HTML5 browsers. Please visit you tube videos on Introuction to RMSCADA and demo of RMSCADA. It uses www.pubnub.com‘s Real Time Communication API’s on the Internet.
  4. UNISEMS for Industrial Process Simulation. See Introduction to UNISEMS and a demo of UNISEMS.
  5. mSCADA – mobile SCADA module for Ignition. Please see the products page for youtube videos on introduction and demonstration of mSCADA.

These products can connect directly to Ignition SCADA System through a gateway module, or through an OPC UA Interface.  Infact the OPC UA version of these products can connect with any SCADA system which is build upon OPC UA server.

Please visit our products and services pages for more information on our current offerings.