We offer System Integration services to execute Industrial Automation and SCADA project using Ignition platform using major PLCs and DCS systems supported by Ignition. We offer these services on turnkey basis or on partnership basis with other SI’s to extend our reach globally.

Ignition Training: We offer online training classes for newcomers who want to start their career in Industrial Automation domain using Ignition SCADA as well as refresher courses for practicing engineers who want to learn Ignition SCADA. This training course will help them get started in their journey in the Industrial Automation domain or improve their skills with the latest state of the art technology in Ignition SCADA system. Please contact +91 9845187747 for more details.

In addition to developing products like mSCADA/AR-SCADA/UNISEMS, we also offer our services to implement them in your projects. We can also develop custom applications for you in Augmented Reality or Industrial Automation domain on Ingition platform. Our services are:

mSCADA/AR-SCADA Training services: We provide training to Licensed users of mSCADA/AR-SCADA through user guides, training material provided with the documentation of Licensed version of mSCADA/AR-SCADA. In addition we offer e-mail support to help you getting started with usage of pubnub/ AR-SCADA. This includes basic training on usage of KRPANO viewer as well through the samples included in AR-SCADA. However training on advanced features of KRPANO panoramic viewer tool, which is a topic in itself, is beyond the scope of our service.

mSCADA/AR-SCADA implementation services: Alternatively we can also provide turn-key solution to implementation of mSCADA/AR-SCADA in your Ignition projects. This includes preparation of virtual tours of the plant based on your requirements and its integration with Ignition SCADA system to display static and dynamic plant parameters at appropriate locations on the scenes. This service based on number of virtual tours, scenes and tags that your want to monitor on the virtual tours based on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Development of custom applications using Augmented Reality: With our expertise in KRPANO tool and IT domain, we can develop custom Augmented Reality applications for you to meet your specific requirements and integrate them with your applications. This service will be based on your requirements and follow regular software development life cycle.

Development of modules for Ignition SCADA system: We are well versed with the Ignition API’s and we can develop gateway or client modules for Ignition for you meeting your requirements. Additionally we can provide python scripting support to ignition for your projects to add a custom functionality to Ignition.

Development of Simulation software for your Industrial Process: Please write to us for more information on our simulation services offered.

If you are interested in any of services or want to know more about them, please write to us on the contact page of schedule a 15 mins meeting


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