We are professionals specialized in Industrial Automation and Control domain, having vast experience and expertise in SCADA, DCS, PLCs, Simulation in Industry & Energy and Information Technology domains. We are certified System Integrators for Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA software.

Ignition by Inductive Automation

We develop niche products and applications for use in Industrial Automation Industry leveraging our domain expertise and latest developments in Information Technology.  Some of our current focus areas are:
 Ignition Training: Please visit our services page for more information on Ignition training.
  1. Augmented Reality,
  2. SCADA and Industrial Automation,
  3. Industrial Process Simulation,
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)
The list is growing. We also offer our services for training, development and implementation of these products and applications for your projects. Some of our current products are:
  1. NJ-SCADA - a NodeJS based server for connecting to Ignition SCADA system and rendering the AR-SCADA virtual tours and mSCADA based HMI screens.
  2. AR-SCADA (Augmented Reality)- a tool for taking virtual tour of a plant based on 360 degree panoramic images of the plant and visualizing Ignition SCADA parameters on the tour in real time RM-SCADA version 1.0.
  3.  mSCADA - an HTML/SVG based 2D plant visualizing tool from NJ-SCADA server. See videos on introduction and demonstration of mSCADA.
  4. RM-SCADA - a PubSub tool for data exchange between Ignition and remote Edge/IIoT devices a remote NJ-SCADA server. Introuction to RMSCADA.
  5. UNISEMS - an Industrial process simulation tool. See Introduction to UNISEMS and a demo of UNISEMS.
Please visit our products and services pages for more information on our current offerings.