NodeJS based SCADA system integrating all following modules developed by PRAMANJ Technologies. Basically serves as a NodeJS based server for serving the ARSCADA/mSCADA/RMSCADA clients. With NJ-SCADA server you get a totally JavaScript based server and client environment which is very light weight and fast.





ARSCADA is an add-on module for Ignition, that allows you to build 360-degree panoramic virtual tours of various systems and subsystems of the plant that can be panned and zoomed in 360 degrees. (see intro) ARSCADA uses third party tool KRPANO (https://www.krpano.com) for the panoramic image rendering. The 360-degree cameras are available e.g. Insta Air 360 etc for under $200 which take hi-resolution 360-degree images in a single click on a mobile phone (do a google search).

The real-time parameters of a plant can be viewed superimposed on the 360-degree images at actual physical locations of the transducers and actuators (see tutorials https://youtu.be/viwSX5auJkQ and https://youtu.be/Oq_g6ngjsec). This gives a physical identity and physical feel of the plant to the Operation and Maintenance staff thereby giving them a better sense of their work and better understanding of equipment/sensor locations and layout of the plant. This results in improved maintenance and safety in the plant during normal and emergency situations.

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As opposed to IP cameras, these high resolution offline images don't take the real-time bandwidth on the network as they can be cached in clients. Some companies (like ABB) have tried 3D modeling of the plant on XBOX to provide the virtual walk-thru of the plant and provide a SCADA interface. However this is a very expensive approach. The virtual tour approach using panoramic images obviates a costly solution using 3D Modelling. 

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Professional photographers can do an excellent job of capturing hi-resolution 360 degree images for the entire plant to build a virtual tour of the entire plant. Furthermore, images can be captured even for inaccessible and hazardous areas of the plant (such as inside of a furnace or a boiler drum) once for all during a shutdown.

You can add hotspots on the strategic locations on the images to open some videos and HTML pages to show context-sensitive help files for operation and maintenance procedures of various equipment in the plant. This can become a valuable tool for the O&M staff who can learn the O&M procedures and emergency handling procedures of the plant as context-sensitive help is always available at their fingertips sitting in the control room from any client connected to Ignition.

The ARSCADA module can be installed on existing Ignition installations of any version of Ignition as well as new Installations of Ignition.

AR-SCADA will also have support for LIDAR generated 3D plant models for plant walk through in next versions.

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A new script for generating tags JSON input files for AR-SCADA is added in this download. This extracts the tag data from Ignition database and creates tags JSON file for AR-SCADA. Please see a demo of this tool https://youtu.be/fLo9uNp9gt03

Please download the trial version and try it on your/your customer's projects, build virtual tours for your specific plant pictures and integrate with your Ignition database.  Your work can be salvaged once you buy a licensed version.

To buy a license and to view the Licensing terms please visit https://www.pramanj.com/buy.

For any queries/suggestions/feedback/change requests etc please write to info@pramanj.com or pramanj2015@gmail.com.


Mobile SCADA module for Ignition to provide SCADA interface on any device supporting HTML5 browser, over Internet using PubNub cloud. Please see following youtube videos for an introduction and demonstration of the mSCADA module.

Demonstration of mSCADA module.




This download contains two modules for Ignition RMS - Remote Monitoring SCADA and PRWS - PubNub Remote WebServices.
  1. RMS (Remote Monitoring SCADA) module for Ignition allows you to monitor any Ignition atomic Tags (not UDT's and arrays) in Dashboard using PubNub's EON dash-boards library or tablular format in an HTML page remotely over the Internet using the PubNub streaming network cloud services  (www.pubnub.com). You can define a database of tags for RMS in a JSON file as a subset of any Ignition atomic tags and display any of these tags defined in JSON object in EON Dash-boards (Bar charts, Trends, Dials, Pie charts and donut charts) or Table in an HTML5 browser on any device (including mobile phones) across the Internet! The advantage of this module is that the dash boards and paramaters can be read in browsers remotely over Intertent without requiring any VPN or webdev module. See the videos on Introduction to RMS (https://youtu.be/0ZG7Mo-sbtQ) , and Tutorial-1 (https://youtu.be/aIL9OKJjh8s) and Tutorial-2 (https://youtu.be/Hv8LMFeQHIU).resource image
  2. PRWS (PubNub Restful Webservice) module is an extension of RMS module, which allows you to monitor and control any Ignition parameter in a browser client over Internet using PubNub cloud services. This is similar to RWS (Restful Web Services) module of AR-SCADA module, but instead of using WebDev, it uses PubNub's cloud services to read and write tags values in Ignition tags in the gateway server! (see video https://youtu.be/t0CHX90ss-4). The advantage of this module is that you can read from and write to any Ignition Tags from an HTML5 compatible browser client on any device (including mobile phones and edge devices like RaspberryPI etc), across the world over Internet. Once you have tags data available as a JSON array in the browser client, you can useit for any purpose such as writting to JQUERY object or SVG objects etc. It is also possible have native client consume the JSON payload, instead of a browser client, such as android or iOS or a Windows/Linux application.resource image
Please visit the website www.pramanj.com/buy to see the licensing terms.

For any querries/suggestions/feedback/change requests etc please write to info@pramanj.com or pramanj2015@gmail.com.

5.0 UNISEMS for Industrial Process Simulation.

Simulation is a tool useful for:
  • Plant operator training on normal and emergency plant operation.
  • Control system design and tuning.
  • Refurbishment of plant from old to new SCADA systems such as IGNITION.
  • During trials and pre commissioning of a green field plant.
UNISEMS is a tool for simulation of a process plant connected to Ignition SCADA system. It is a FORTRAN based simulation and modelling tool which allows you to simulate an industrial plant like Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Water and Waste Water plant etc. The simulation models are useful for training plant operators on operation of the plant using the Ignition SCADA system. This is also useful for SCADA retorfit projects where the entire SCADA screens and tags can be designed on the Simulator there by saving time and cost of the revamping process.


And the list goes on and we don't need to tell you the advantages of simulation. UNISEMS is based on the principles of proven technology used in simulation of Large Nuclear/Fossil power plants on main frame computers. UNISEMS further enhances this technology with modern concepts of object orientation and makes it available on the PC platform! We have a rich set of tools which you can use to build your plant specific simulator with Ignition as SCADA front end. Alternatively we can build the simulator for your plant with our decades of rich experience in simlation.